Crossroads youth


PULSE Crossroads Youth meets Tuesday’s 7-8:30 pm.

7th-12th grade

                                                                                       Praise- We Praise God through worship

                                                                                       Uplift- We Uplift others by encouragement


                                                                                       Lead- We lead others through Jesus' example

                                                                                       Serve- we serve God in Church and Community


                                                                                       Evangelize- We share Jesus with others

Each the letter in PULSE has a special meaning. They represent aspects of our walk with God that are part of our core beliefs.  

Our Mission with PULSE Youth at Crossroads is for God to become real & authentic and not just the God of their parents, Pastor or Youth Leaders. Like Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, God became real to them and was not just the God of their father.



We gather weekly and give opportunity for encounter of God to happen. We believe that through Prayer, Worship, Studying the Word and Discipleship are essential for encounter to happen.