Crossroads Community Church is a partner church of D.O.V.E. International (DOVE) based out of Lititz, Pa. DOVE is a family of churches, currently in 21 countries and 6 continents around the world, who are committed to building the Kingdom of God through common values that link us together.

Spiritual Oversight from DOVE is first and foremost about relationship! DOVE defines giving oversight to a congregation as "looking out for another’s best interests while providing spiritual protection in prayer and offering insights into the local leadership when invited.” Spiritual Oversight is not control of the local leadership or the vision, but rather coming alongside the local church and supporting what God has placed in the heart of the primary vision carrier.

Specifically, DOVE provides pastoral care to the senior leader and then to the eldership of the local church. They help to solve problems and walk through troubled situations as the church matures. They strive to protect the vision of the senior leader, and support the purpose for why the church exists. They provide an “outside court of appeals” for people within the church, when the local leadership is unable to resolve differences. 

When a church or ministry becomes a partner with DOVE this means accountability! The local leadership is asking spiritual overseers to speak into their lives from the foundation of relationship, shared values, and stated vision. While DOVE overseers concentrate most of their focus on the senior leader, they maintain a relationship with the local board of elders. They are also present within the congregation several times each year to provide encouragement and share stories of what God is doing in the DOVE family throughout the world. The overall goal of a DOVE overseer is to see the local church become a success in what the Lord has called them to accomplish!