Freedom In Christ


    Walk Through the Seven Steps to Freedom by Dr. Neil T. Anderson

    This one-day seminar walks participants through a process of finding freedom in Christ using pre-printed materials called "Seven Steps to Freedom". The principles are taught by Crossroads leaders and participants work with a partner in praying through issues as the Holy Spirit directs.

    These seminars are held every Fall and Spring and includes a nominal fee.

    The next Free Me Seminar is scheduled for November 18, 2017

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    Books and DVD's (from the Church Library) and YouTube clips are available to learn more about this approach to healing and deliverance.

    Click HERE to see a YouTube clip of Dr. Anderson talking about Freedom in Christ.

    Click Here to see Part 2

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    A personalized "Freedom in Christ" ministry session

    The "Seven Steps to Freedom" ministry approach is available individually with a trained Facilitator and intercessor. Application forms are available at the Church Office. (Some fees apply for individual Freedom Appointments).

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    Click HERE for a summarized version of The Seven Steps to Freedom

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    Click HERE to see a YouTube clip of Dr. Anderson talking about Freedom in Christ.

    Click Here to see Part 2

    Click Here to read an online copy of "The Bondage Breaker" by Neil Anderson


    An Issue-Focused approach to inner healing and deliverance

    Restoring the Foundations is an issue-focused approach to ministry looking at one presenting stronghold in a person's life. This 3-hour appointment is led by a trained Facilitator along with an intercessor. Application is required for this individualized "Freedom Appointment" (some fees apply).

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    Click HERE to see a YouTube clip of Chester & Betsy Kylstra, founders and directors of Restoring the Foundations share about their journey and the principles taught in RTF.

    (This says "Part 2", but it's really Part 1!) For Part 2, click here.

    Application form: "Issue-Focused personal Questionnaire"